Circadiance, Pittsburgh, launched the SleepWeaver ADVANCE mask with Zzzephyr Seal, an elastic cloth seal designed to fit more comfortably over the patient’s nose, at Medtrade 2009 in Atlanta last month.

According to Circadiance, the SleepWeaver ADVANCE with Zzzephyr Seal inflates like a balloon, softly conforming to the patient’s face and creating an intimate seal. Because the elastic cloth is flexible and follows the unique shape of each patient’s face, it does not irritate the skin and prevents air from escaping where hard plastic parts do not fit perfectly.

"We’re continually improving the experience for CPAP mask users," Circadiance CEO David Groll said in an announcement about the launch. "Innovation requires thinking about the product from the user’s perspective. The new Zzzephyr Seal allows us to provide patients with an even better fit, while giving them color choices that helps make their mask more attractive and personal."