AquinOx™ high-flow humidification system

Smiths Medical ASD Inc

The AquinOx™ High Flow Humidification System from Smiths Medical ASD Inc, Keene, NH, delivers heated, humidified breathing gases at high flows through a nasal cannula. Until now, oxygen delivered through the nose at flows greater than 6 lpm could be irritating or painful, and compliance with vinyl masks can be a challenge. The AquinOx system delivers warmed breathing gases at high flows of up to 35 lpm via nasal cannula, eliminating these concerns. With a unique particulate recovery system, the AquinOx system is constantly reclaiming large particulate from the flow path, allowing only molecular humidity to reach the patient. The innovative design and low maintenance of this closed, single-patient, disposable system require no cleaning and help prevent cross-contamination between patients. Now you have the power to improve patient outcomes by delivering all the benefits of high flow humidification without having to choose between efficacy and quality of life. (800) 258-5361;