Boehringer Laboratories Inc, Norristown, Pa, has developed a CASS suction regulator that includes a special pulse mechanism that moves secretions while protecting the patient from injury. Recent studies have shown that tenacious secretions can be more effectively removed using this device, which reduces the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia. CASS is made possible with the use of special endotracheal tubes containing an additional lumen to allow for the removal of secretions above the cuff. For CASS to be safe and effective, precision suction must be maintained between 15 and 30 mm Hg. (800) 642-4945;

 Electromed Inc, New Prague, Minn, introduces the SmartVest® airway clearance system. The system uses high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy to deliver effective and well-tolerated airway clearance treatment for patients who are otherwise at risk of developing respiratory infections from retained secretions. The company’s new Trimline™ Model emphasizes convenience in providing HFCWO therapy. The SmartVest system is portable, programmable, and multi-positional. The vest is made of a soft fabric material, is washable, and provides treatment on a full coverage basis. (800) 462-1045;

 J.H. Emerson Co, Cambridge, Mass, introduces the CoughAssist, designed to reduce the occurrence of respiratory infections in those who have lost their ability to cough effectively. The noninvasive CoughAssist achieves this by gradually applying a positive pressure to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative pressure. The rapid shift in pressure produces a high expiratory flow from the lungs, simulating a cough. It is ideal for patients with neuromuscular disease, or other neurological disorders with some paralysis of the respiratory muscles, such as spinal cord injury. (800) 252-1414;

 Smiths Medical, Carlsbad, Calif, manufactures and markets the acapella® vibratory PEP device, which addresses the needs of a wide range of patients. Acapella’s design allows patient use in any position. Color-coded units help customize treatment based on clinical needs. Acapella choice can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sterilized in an autoclave, and therapy can be self-administered in any setting. Acapella improves clearance of secretions, is easier to tolerate than CPT, takes less than half the time of conventional CPT, and facilitates the opening of airways. (800) 258-5361;