Experts say a measles outbreak in Lakewood, New Jersey could continue to spread to residents throughout the state, reports the Asbury Park Press.

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Dr Glenn J Fennelly, chairman of the pediatrics department at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has been following news of the outbreaks in New York state and New Jersey that began last month. While there are seven times more measles cases in New York, he said New Jerseyans should ensure they have been vaccinated to prevent case counts from soaring here.

There are more than 13,500 children in New Jersey who have not been vaccinated for medical or religious reasons, according to state health department data. While that’s only 2.5% of students in the state, those children are especially vulnerable during outbreaks, Fennelly said.

“There are pockets of susceptibility where largely due to religious exemption there’s a high concentration of non-immune children,” he said.