Influenza cases have reduced in the last two months, as per the recent data released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program of National Centre for Disease Control.

As against the predictions of the flu-trackers indicating a high incidence of seasonal flu in Tamil Nadu this year, nine cases have been reported since April 24.  Tamil Nadu has witnessed more than 65 cases and two deaths up to April 24 this year, however, with no new deaths and reduced number of cases till June 3 this year, state health department assures of control over influenza outbreak in Tamil Nadu.

A total of 74 cases of influenza and two deaths due to the same have been reported in Tamil Nadu till June 3 this year. Though the state stands second in the list of highest number of influenza cases amongst all other states of the country as per the data after Rajasthan that records 1,365 cases and 134 deaths, other states like Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir recorded more death cases due to influenza.