One hundred and six deaths related to the Wuhan coronavirus have been confirmed in China as the global infection toll has passed 4,500 people, according to

The Chinese government has sent more than 4,100 healthcare workers to its Hubei province, where over 2,700 of the confirmed infections are located, reports. China expects a total of 6,000 HCW will be in the Hubei province this week, according to Global Times.

Globally, the coronavirus continues to spread, as Japan, Germany and Canada became the most recent nations to confirm additional infections.

Because travel is restricted in Wuhan, some European nations are sending aircraft to evacuate EU nationals, Time reports, with France planning to transport 800 French nationals.

As many as 1,000 Americans stranded in Wuhan are also seeking evacuation, according to CBS News. The Washington Times reported that 240 Americans in Wuhan were put on a charter flight that included US diplomats on Wednesday morning and are on the way to the US.