Obese patients with sepsis admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) experienced longer durations of ventilator use compared with patients with a normal body mass index (BMI), according to new research.

The study authors conducted a retrospective analysis of deidentified patient data from the MIMIC 3 critical care database as well as patients with sepsis who were admitted to the ICU (N=4224). BMI data as well as diagnostic and severity data on ARDS, which were assessed using a standard partial pressure of arterial oxygen (PaO2) and percentage of inspired oxygen ratio (FiO2) ratio.

Mild, moderate, and severe ARDS were represented by PaO2/FiO2 ratio values of 200 to 300, 100 to 200, and <100, respectively. A regression model adjusted for age, sex, and SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) scores was used to analyze the effect of BMI on duration of ventilator use and development of ARDS in this patient population.

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