Medline signed an agreement with Aerapy to be the exclusive medical distributor of DuoGuard, an air and surface UV disinfection unit designed for emergency, medical services, and other mobile units to help guard against the spread of pathogens.

Effective cleaning protocols for ambulances are critical to help minimize the presence of pathogens. Studies show that raised levels of bacterial species potentially harmful to human health have been detected in a range of emergency medical vehicles, specifically, ambulances. Notably, ambulances were contaminated with the difficult-to-treat Gram-positive bacterium, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). By having effective cleaning protocols, the spread of germs and pathogens will be reduced, and therefore, protect the health of emergency medical services providers.

DuoGuard’s unique air and surface cleaning capability allows mobile units to be cleaned both while the vehicle is in use as well as in-between calls while unoccupied, bringing unmatched disinfecting power to mobile units. An integrated fan creates powerful airflow for air disinfection during transport and, once unoccupied, the UV device sanitizes surfaces with the push of a button. Lab testing has shown that DuoGuard kills greater than 99.9% of tested virus and bacteria pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2. Aerapy UV also showed a greater than 99.9% reduction against MRSA, enterovirus, and MS2 bacteriophage.

“Emergency responders and their patients remain vulnerable to infections in such a tight space as an ambulance and we want to help keep them safe. Our goal is to not replace their everyday cleaning routine, but elevate their current protocols. Medline has the industry knowledge and national relationships to help us successfully expand DuoGuard’s presence in the marketplace,” said Annette Uda, President and founder of Aerapy LLC.

The Mundelein, Ill. Fire Department has already started integrating the DuoGuard air and surface disinfecting units into their ambulances as part of the organization’s environmental cleaning strategy that also includes UV disinfection in bunk rooms and classrooms inside the fire house.

“We have always focused on surface disinfection, but COVID-19 opened our eyes to aerosol transmission. We want to evolve our strategies to help address the current pandemic, but also plan for future infections that can be transmitted through the air. DuoGuard will ensure we have technology that can help enhance workplace safety,” said Darren Brents, Mundelein Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief.

The partnership with Aerapy is the latest addition to Medline’s UV technology offerings for surface and air disinfection. Medline is also the exclusive distributor of Scientific Air, which combines UVC chamber, a HEPA filtration system, and a carbon filter to help purify and disinfect particulates in the air, Solaris Lytbot for surface disinfection, and ExpressPro for essential handheld devices healthcare providers use like phones and tablets.