Video gaming, also known as E-sports, has had a surprising number of spontaneous pneumothoraces occur among gamers, according to an article published by Kotaku.

The media outlet reports that six high-profile gamers have experienced one or more cases of pneumothorax in the last seven years, prompting the industry to wonder if there could be a possible connection between gaming and the condition.

While medical experts stopped short of claiming a cause-effect link between the hobby and the condition, one pointed out that there could be a connection because pneumothorax can occur in thin, young men with poor posture and sedentary lifestyles — which fits the description of many “hardcore” gamers, Kotaku reported.

A second physician theorized that the patients may have other conditions that contributed to their pneumothorax, be it asthma, smoking, poor posture, or even apnea related to gaming, as many repeatedly hold their breath during play.

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