Thirty percent of people discharged from the hospital following COVID-19 hospitalization self-identified the need for pulmonary rehabilitation, a new study shows .

“Early in the pandemic it was identified by the European Respiratory Society/American Thoracic Society consensus statement that patients requiring hospitalization with COVID-19 may have ongoing rehabilitation needs, and that current pulmonary rehabilitation services were best placed to deliver that intervention,” Enya Daynes, PhD, clinical academic physiotherapist at the University Hospitals of Leicester and the University of Leicester, England, said during a presentation at the ATS International Conference.

“Shortly after that, we had guidance from the British Thoracic Society and NHS England on how we could adapt current pulmonary rehabilitation programs to cater for the needs of COVID-19 survivors.”

However, she said, the volume of patients requiring pulmonary rehabilitation following COVID-19 hospitalization is unknown. Daynes and colleagues thus conducted a study to explore the number of patients who self-identify a need for pulmonary rehabilitation following discharge for COVID-19 hospitalization.

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