NicOx SA, Sophia Antipolis, France, reports that Topigen Pharmaceuticals Inc, Montreal, has disclosed promising top-line results from its first phase 2 clinical study for TPI-1020, a respiratory anti-inflammatory licensed from NicOx.

The primary objective of this Phase 2a study was to confirm the general safety of inhaled TPI 1020 in smokers with asthma.  The study evaluated equal doses of TPI 1020 and budesonide, a common coticosteroid, at two dose levels for 21 days in a comparative test of 27 asthmatic smokers. 

TPI 1020 was shown to be generally well tolerated with a potential for unique anti-inflammatory effects which could be beneficial in the treatment of COPD, which will be evaluated further in the planned Phase 2 study in COPD patients.

Topigen plans to initiate a phase 2 study in patients with COPD during the second half of 2007

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