SeQual Technologies Inc, San Diego, Calif, and AOTI Ltd, Galway, Ireland, have announced a partnership to accelerate the availability of the Integra™ and Eclipse 2™, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System™ (PAOS) across Europe. As part of the agreement, all customer and service support functions of SeQual Technologies Europe will relocate to Galway, Ireland over the coming months.

“Today’s partnership brings together two companies whose products benefit patients suffering from COPD as well as those from chronic wounds, such as diabetic, venous and pressure ulcers. These chronic conditions collectively impact millions of patients each year and the overlap between COPD and diabetes is well documented in peer review,” says Ron Richard, chief executive officer of SeQual. “By combining our sales, service, and clinical resources we feel confident in offering the European market better overall support.”

“Patients should expect their oxygen therapy to fit and accommodate their active lifestyle,” says Mike Griffiths, chief executive officer and president of AOTI. “Having COPD no longer needs to mean that you are virtually house-bound and unable to travel very far. The Eclipse 2 with AutoSAT™ offers a compelling alternative to other oxygen solutions and we are delighted to be adding the PAOS to our product portfolio.”