The European Lung Foundation and COPD Foundation have launched a survey to understand how people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) feel about the words used to describe their condition by physicians and clinicians, specifically the term “exacerbation.”

According to professor Mona Bafadhel and patient advocate Phil Collis, hospitalized patients they spoke to believe the word “crisis” may be a better term for their COPD exacerbations, and perhaps healthcare providers should rethink their choice of terminology.

In response, the ELF/COPDF are inviting diagnosed COPD patients and their caregivers to take part in a survey, which is available in 20 languages. The patient feedback will be published in 2021 in the Lancet, according to the ELF.

Access the English version here. Or click here for other languages.

“Help us reach as many people as possible by sharing the survey link to anyone who may be interested in giving their views. The survey will take about five minutes to complete,” the ELF/COPDF asked on their website.

This survey was developed by a group of patient advocates and healthcare professionals from the Lancet Commission on COPD, European Lung Foundation, and COPD Foundation.