OMNI-NEB nebulizer

B&B Medical Technologies Inc

B&B Medical Technologies Inc, North Highlands, Calif, produces and markets the newest member to the B&B family: OMNI-NEB, which delivers breakthrough continuous low-flow nebulizer performance. Patented auxiliary gas port and precise nozzle technology allows for optimal medication and heliox delivery (use with or without heliox). OMNI-NEB takes on severe asthma, COPD, and pneumonia in both routine and critical care situations. Configure with a mask, mouth, and T-piece to deliver high-output, low-flow continuous medication. In laboratory tests OMNI-NEB delivered optimal particle size of 2.7 MMAD with 67% in the respirable range (1-5 microns). It is well documented that respiratory patients can greatly benefit with continuous medication and heliox therapy. When combined, they can result in rapid patient response and increased ER patient discharge. (800) 242-8778;