Marpai Inc, a third-party administrator seeking to maximize the value of self-funded employer health plans, announces a relationship with NuvoAir US Inc to offer virtual care for lung and heart conditions, focusing on asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic heart failure, to its employer health plan members and their families. 

Marpai has thousands of members with these conditions, costing plans over $12 million per year, according to a release from the company. This new relationship with NuvoAir seeks to meet the increased urgency employers face to address the care needs of employees and their families living with these difficult-to-manage and costly conditions.

NuvoAir is a value-based, integrated specialty care provider offering a virtual-first care model that drives better health outcomes for individuals living with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, thereby improving patient outcomes, increasing employee productivity, and saving costs for employers and payors. 

NuvoAir’s care model customizes clinical and behavioral interventions to address the unique needs of each individual, combining remote monitoring technology with a multidisciplinary virtual clinic, enabling continuous and proactive treatment, triage, and management of chronic heart and lung conditions. NuvoAir has demonstrated high engagement and satisfaction with virtual-first care, along with improved health outcomes.

Marpai is adding NuvoAir to Marpai Connect, its value-based care network of proven clinical care partners focused on preventing, mitigating, and reversing prevalent, high-cost conditions within health plan populations. 

“We are proud to have created a best-in-class, value-based care model with NuvoAir to drive improved health outcomes for our members and lower costs for our clients,” says Lutz Finger, president of product and technology of Marpai, in a release. 

Using proprietary artificial intelligence-powered technology, Marpai proactively informs and educates health plan members facing costly conditions, leveraging multi-channel marketing to drive enrollment, nurturing participating members throughout the process, and delivering detailed reporting to employers, according to the company’s release. NuvoAir is incentivized to deliver outcomes for members, and employers only pay for program participation by a member.

“We are thrilled to offer NuvoAir to address the high-cost heart and lung conditions facing members of health plans we manage,” says Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai, in a release. “With NuvoAir, members and their families can readily access care that can dramatically improve their health and quality of life and avoid high-cost emergency room visits and hospitalizations, which saves significant money for employers and their respective health plans.”

NuvoAir members have access to same-day appointments with a team of specialists, including care coordinators, respiratory therapists, health coaches, nurses, pulmonologists, and cardiologists. According to NuvoAir, its approach to care supports people wherever they are on their health journey and has proven results, with a self-reported 60% decrease in exacerbations, 80% decrease in hospitalizations, and 87% improvement in quality of life.

“Healthcare delivery often suffers from fragmentation, inefficiencies, and increased costs. NuvoAir is dedicated to addressing these gaps, focusing on heart and lung care, with a commitment to leaving no patient behind,” says Lorenzo Consoli, NuvoAir’s founder and CEO, in a release. “We’re excited to collaborate with Marpai, extending our innovative care model to members and their families, creating a best-in-class, value-based model that delivers improved outcomes and saves costs for Marpai’s clients.”

NuvoAir is currently available to support individuals in 15 states, with plans to expand in the coming year.