Tezepelumab is an effective therapy for severe asthma in patients with and without allergies, a new study found.

The subgroup analysis focused on patients who did and did not have baseline sensitivity to perennial allergens such as pet dander and cockroach, as well as seasonal allergies such as to ragweed and Bermuda grass.

Most of the patients had experienced one or two asthma exacerbations within the year prior to study enrollment.

Compared with placebo, treatment with tezepelumab was associated with a reduction in exacerbations among patients with severe allergic asthma and in patients with severe asthma without allergen sensitivity, reported Jonathan Corren, MD, of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles.

“For severe allergic asthma I think most people would agree that there is a considerable unmet need,” Corren said.

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