Ingen Technologies Inc, Yucaipa, Calif, a medical device manufacturer and research developer of medical technologies, has begun production of its medical device, OxyView™.

Ingen’s OxyView is a proprietary medical device that provides a visual signal of gas flow through a conduit. The product is a pneumatic flow meter that provides a visual cue, viewable with the human eye, as to the flow of gas through a cannula, which conventionally employs very low pressure and gas volume to the patient wearing it. The company’s proprietary device is adapted to be engaged between the nose or mouth-mounted cannula, where a compressed oxygen supply is delivered to the cannula through a flexible conduit. OxyView also delivers readable confirmation of actual continuous flow and volume of oxygen.

According to the most current government reports and public statistical data, respiratory diseases are increasingly common ailments in both advanced and developing countries.  With some 8%-9% of Americans suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, or other respiratory conditions, the high incidence and prevalence has translated into a large market for disposable respiratory products of $15 billion worldwide in 2005 with 70% related to asthma.