A parent in Florida is warning other parents of asthmatic children not to eat “Dragon’s Breath,” a liquid nitrogen-coated cereal-like candy that makes smoke come out of a user’s nose and mouth, after her son suffered an asthma attack after eating it.

“Around 20 minutes in, the cough became really consistent,” McKenny wrote. “He was coughing so bad that he was having trouble catching his breath. We knew he couldn’t breathe, and we knew that we couldn’t get him to the hospital in time.” The McKennys found a fire station, where the firefighters gave Johnny albuterol, an IV and an epinephrine injection before taking him to the hospital. Johnny is now recovering at home.

“With liquid nitrogen, you are putting a burst of really cold gas into your mouth,” says People Health Squad’s Pediatrician Dr Elizabeth Murray. “In general, a sudden exposure to very cold (or sometimes very hot) air can trigger a person to wheeze. Anyone with asthma will always be better off avoiding any type of smoke and very cold or very hot air.”

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