productPoint-of-Care Blood Gas System
The Rapidpoint 405 blood gas system by Bayer Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, is designed for point-of-care testing to offer an integrated CO-oximetry module. Physicians gain real-time access to the oxygenation status of critically ill patients. The integrated CO-oximetry module determines total hemoglobin and fractional hemoglobin values, including O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, and HHb. The Rapidpoint 405 analyzer can report results in as few as 60 seconds and offers a complete point-of-care menu, including pH, blood gas, electrolytes, glucose and hematocrit, and CO-oximetry—all with the capability to be monitored remotely by the central laboratory. (800) 255-3232;

productSleep Diagnostic System
Puritan Bennett, a part of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, introduces the Sandman® EXpress™, a comprehensive, easy-to-use turnkey sleep diagnostic system, designed to get sleep laboratories up and running quickly.
It includes Sandman EXpress sleep diagnostic software, a Sandman Digital 20™ amplifier with built-in pulse oximetry, a Dell™ computer system, and the Puritan Bennett® KnightStar® 330 Bi-Level® ventilator. The software features the Coach™ software assistant that guides users through each sleep study one step at a time, and it allows users to control the KnightStar 330 bi-level ventilator from the computer. Pressures can be adjusted with a single mouse click, and real-time tags are automatically placed in the patient study with each pressure change to enhance analysis. (800) 663-3336;

productWireless Pulse Oximeter
The Avant® 4000 system by Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, is a wearable digital pulse oximeter that connects wirelessly to a tabletop display. Using Bluetooth® technology, the Avant 4000 is ideal for short-range use within a 30-foot radius. This lightweight, durable system features PureSAT™ signal processing technology, 120 hours of battery life, and 33 hours of memory. In addition, the Avant 4000 is compatible with Nonin’s line of PureLight® sensors and nVISION® software. (800) 356-8874;  

productGas Exchange Testing
Medical Graphics Corp, St Paul, Minn, offers the CPX Ultima™, a gas exchange testing system with a new digital waveform analyzer. Combined with the company’s patented preVent™ and Direct-Connect™ flow sensors, the CPX Ultima provides breath-by-breath and time-averaged measurements for resting and exercise metabolism. The system is configurable with full 12-lead ECG stress capabilities and can measure indirect calorimetry at the patient’s airway during all ventilatory support modalities. It operates with Windows™-based BreezeSuite™ software, which provides an open architecture database and advanced networking capabilities for simple stand-alone data access and trouble-free network integration. (800) 950-5597;

productInfant Pulse Oximeter
The OxyTip®+ Infant Foam Sandal by Madison, Wis-based Datex-Ohmeda, part of GE Medical Systems, tracks SpO2 readings during infant clinical motion. Even during kicking episodes, the Infant Foam Sandal stays correctly positioned on the infant’s foot, according to the Datex-Ohmeda motion characterization study, which was published in Anesthesia & Analgesia. Used with the OxyTip+ Sensitive Skin sensor, the sandal enables more consistent SpO2 readings when in conjunction with the company’s TruTrak®+ technology. Designed for use on patients as small as 3.3 pounds, the sensor features a nonadhesive, flat surface, and the sandal, made of soft foam and secured with a Velcro® fastener, will not irritate infants’ fragile skin. (800) 345-2700;

productVibratory PEP Therapy System
DHD Healthcare, Wampsville, NY, offers acapella®, which combines the benefits of both PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions in COPD, asthma, or CF patients. Its design permits use while reclining, standing, or sitting. Color-coded units (green for high flow, blue for low), adjustable frequency, and flow resistance let users customize treatment based on clinical needs. (315) 363-2330;