productVolume Target, Pressure Ventilation Option
Puritan Bennett, part of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, introduces the Volume Ventilation Plus™ (VV+) software option for the company’s 840™ ventilator. The software combines the benefits of pressure ventilation with the safety of volume ventilation. With the VV+, clinicians set the desired tidal volume and inspiratory time, and the ventilator adjusts the pressure level to ensure that the preset target volume is delivered to the patient. The active exhalation valve on the 840 ventilator allows unrestricted breathing during both phases of the breath cycle. This promotes ventilator synchrony and potentially decreases the need for patient sedation, the company says. (800) 635-5267;

productLightweight Oxygen Cylinders
Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Riverside, Calif, now offers a full line of carbon-composite medical oxygen cylinders, reportedly the lightest-weight medical oxygen cylinders in the world. These easy-to-carry cylinders enhance the mobility and proficiency of patients and medical personnel through their high-capacity ratings and high-durability construction. Featuring carbon-fiber technology, Luxfer’s cylinders are stronger pound-for-pound than comparable steel or aluminum cylinders and have unmatched records for safety and performance, the company says. (800) 764-0366;

productDigital Pulse Oximeter
Dolphin Medical introduces the 2150 handheld digital pulse oximeter, which uses Dolphin Oximetry Noise Elimination (ONE) technology. Dolphin ONE uses an LTF (light to frequency) detector as its core technology. The 2150 monitor is well suited for clinical situations, especially low perfusion and high motion environments. Distributed by CONMED Corp, Utica, NY, this small, durable pulse oximeter displays oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, temperature (YSI compatible), pulse strength indicator, alarms, and pulse tones. It features AC or battery operation, and disposable and reusable sensors are available. (800) 448-6506;

productOximetry Spot-Check Solution
The TuffSat® by Datex-Ohmeda, Madison, Wis, is now available with PIr® relative perfusion index measurement—a quick, easy-to-use clinical tool for locating the sensor site with the best blood flow and strongest pulse signal in your patient. TuffSat’s rugged, lightweight construction, ergonomic design, and intuitive operation allow flexible, fast use. Rigorously stress-tested and water-resistant, the TuffSat exceeds international durability standards and is backed by a full 3-year warranty. TuffSat’s rubber grip offers secure handling with such built-in features as large, backlit LCD and auto shut-off. Each TuffSat includes a reusable OxyTip®+ finger sensor. It is available in four colors. (800) 345-2700;

productPeak Flow Meter
Micro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, introduces the MicroPeak peak flow meter, which was designed to meet the new standards in performance and quality by including a high-visibility scale and built-in color-zone asthma management system. Featuring a one-size-fits-all design, the MicroPeak is lightweight, portable, and accurate. The durable MicroPeak incorporates an internal valve to protect the integrity of the internal mechanism and reduce cross-contamination concerns. (800) 588-3381;

productEndotracheal Tube Attachment Device
Hollister Inc, Libertyville, Ill, offers the Endotracheal Tube Attachment Device (ETAD), a safe, flexible solution for securing endotracheal tubes (5-10 mm or 15-30 Fr) in surgical and critical care settings. The American Heart Association recently advised clinicians to use tube attachment devices, rather than tape, to secure endotracheal tubes. ETAD enables proximal and lateral tube repositioning through a unique clamping mechanism and simplifies access for suctioning and oral care. (847) 680-1000;