A comprehensive national survey of parents suggests that American children are suffering from allergies and not receiving treatment for it.

The Pediatric Allergies in America Survey is the largest of its kind ever conducted. It investigated the condition of children under 18 who suffer from allergic rhinitis. More than500 parents of children with allergies were interviewed, and their answers were compared with those of more than 500 additional parents whose child did not have allergies.

The findings show most children’s allergy symptoms (76%) are worst in the spring. It was also found that allergies affect children’s lives by interfering with their sleep and limiting the number of activities in which they can take part. Allergy symptoms also interfere with children children’s performance at school.

Parents of children with allergic rhinitis reported stuffed up noses to be the most bothersome symptom, however, 46% of these parents did report serious symptoms such as headache, ear pain, and facial pain.

The survey also showed that health care professionals overestimate patients’ satisfaction with allergy medicines, with 57% of children having changed their medication, mostly due to dissatisfaction with effectiveness.