2022 is here, but before we turn the page on the new year, RT Magazine is taking a look back at our top 10 articles published in 2021. The following is a list of the 10 most-read articles on respiratory-therapy.com from January 1st through December 29th, 2021. (To be included in the list the article must have been published in 2021.) Click on the headlines to read the articles.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your continued support of RT!

#1 / High-flow Oxygen Therapy and BiPAP: Two Complementary Strategies to Fight Respiratory Failure

Published: March 19, 2021

Respiratory failure due to hypoxemia and/or hypercapnia calls for oxygen therapy, positive pressure support, and possibly ventilatory support. Care for these patients may escalate and require higher flow, FiO2, and more complex devices and intensive monitoring.

#2 / COVID-19 Vaccine and Sarcoidosis: A Survey of Vaccination Rates

Published: May 28, 2021

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving care for sarcoidosis patients, recently published a survey of vaccination rates in this patient population.

#3 / TikTokers Are Smoking Herbal Flower Cigarettes As Tobacco Alternatives

Published: April 19, 2021

Young people online are sharing videos of themselves smoking dried rose petals, raspberry leaves, and chamomile as a way to kick a tobacco habit.

#4 / History of Pneumonia Leads to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

Published: February 16, 2021

A prior episode of pneumonia was the second-greatest overall risk factor for death from COVID-19, according to a study of medical records from almost 17,000 patients.

#5 / New Clinical Practice Guideline Recommends FeNO Use for Asthma

Published: November 17, 2021

The American Thoracic Society has released a new clinical practice guideline on evaluation and treatment of asthma that recommends the use of fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in addition to usual care.

#6 / The State of Tobacco 2021

Published: January 27, 2021

Nearly 1-in-5 teens are vaping and close to 1-in-4 teens are using at least one tobacco product, according to the American Lung Association’s 19th annual “State of Tobacco Control” report.

#7 / FDA Clears New Wireless Device to Monitor Lung Sounds

Published: January 9, 2021

Strados Labs has received FDA clearance for its Remote E-Stethoscope Platform (RESP), a system for measuring, recording and analyzing lung sounds remotely across healthcare settings.

#8 / Study Looks at MIS-C Recovery Time in Children

Published: May 28, 2021

Many children who develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), a rare post-COVID inflammatory syndrome, see their most serious symptoms diminish after six months, new research shows.

#9 / Clinical Trial of RSV Vaccine Underway

Published: June 29, 2021

Meissa Vaccines has begun dosing patients with its investigational vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus, MV-012-968, an intranasal live attenuated RSV vaccine candidate being developed as a needle-free, adjuvant-free vaccine to protect infants and at-risk, older adults from RSV.

#10 / FDA Authorizes eXciteOSA Daytime Device to Treat Sleep Apnea

Published: February 5, 2021

The eXciteOSA is a removable tongue muscle stimulation device that delivers neuromuscular stimulation to the tongue in order to reduce snoring and mild sleep apnea.

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