The nation’s top tobacco manufacturer, Altria Group Inc, is urging the US FDA to loosen its planned tightened restrictions on electronic cigarettes and vaporizers even though its MarkTen brand could be a major beneficiary of the squeeze.

The FDA regulations are set to go into effect Aug 8, though the agency faces several federal lawsuits requesting a preliminary injunction on the implementation.

“If adopted in its current form, the draft guidance may result in many existing ENDS being forced off the market and make it difficult for some manufacturers to develop new ENDS products,” Altria said. “Should this occur, adult tobacco consumers will be deprived of important product choices.”

MarkTen, made by Altria subsidiary Nu Mark LLC, is the No. 3 e-cig in the United States with a 16.3% market share, according to Nielsen data as of June 18. Vuse, made by RJ Reynolds Vapor Co, is first at 35.7%.