productWindows-based Spirometer
• Futuremed, Granada Hills, Calif, recently added the “Bubbles” incentive to its Windows-based spirometer, SpiroVision-3. The cartoon incentive is designed to encourage patients, especially children, during spirometry testing. SpiroVision-3 displays a “predicted bubble” based on the patient’s projected FVC. As the maneuver is performed, an “actual bubble” based on real test data forms within the predicted one. SpiroVision-3 displays graphs, including flow/volume loops and time/volume curves. Graphs and data can be saved and superimposed for future comparison. (800) 222-6780;

productVideo System
•Cadwell Laboratories, Kennewick, Wash, offers the Q-Video™, a quantitative video product that captures video, synchronizes video with the recording, and quantifies movement through color. Clinicians review and edit video in a standard format or color-enhanced mode to accentuate movement with color. Using an adaptive storage rate, the system minimizes total file size. Q-Video is compatible with Version 1.6 of Cadwell’s Easy Software package. (800) 245-3001;

productSpirometry System
• Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, now part of Tyco Healthcare, offers the Renaissance® II Spirometry System, ideal for diagnosing respiratory diseases in a variety of clinical settings. Features include true, real-time graphic display that enables tests to be viewed as patients perform them, a 1,000-patient memory, and the ability to measure a broad selection of physiological parameters. The Renaissance II provides color printout reports. Puritan Bennett offers a 5-year warranty exchange program. (800) 635-5267.

productAerosol Medication Delivery
• DHD Healthcare, Wampsville, NY, introduces CircuVent™, a breakthrough device for aerosolized medication delivery to patients using heat moisture exchangers/hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (HME/HCH). CircuVent allows aerosolized medications to be administered without removing the HME/HCH, minimizing the risks associated with breaking the circuit. Bypassing the HME/HCH for aerosol medication delivery is accomplished by a simple turn of the dial. CircuVent is lightweight, latex-free, and easy to clean, and has a translucent construction that permits inspection for occlusion. (800) 847-8000;

productPressure Delivery System
• Respironics Inc, Pittsburgh, introduces BiPAP® Pro with Bi-Flex, typically prescribed for patients who have trouble complying with CPAP therapy. Through one of three settings, the Bi-Flex technology softens airflow during inhalation and exhalation making breathing more comfortable. In the BiPAP mode, the Comfort Control feature establishes the time that BiPAP Pro requires to change from EPAP to IPAP. This setting can then be adjusted to increase patient comfort. In the Bi-Flex mode, the amount of pressure relief that takes place at the end of inhalation and the start of exhalation is established through settings of 1, 2, or 3, which progressively provides increased pressure relief. This can also be adjusted. (800) 345-6443;

productRespiratory Conference
• The 2nd annual FOCUS on Respiratory Care Conference will take place April 25-27, 2002 at the St Louis Convention Center. The $195 fee will include 44 lectures in adult respiratory care, pediatric/neonatal respiratory care, management, education, holistic medicine, home care and sleep medicine; a David Crosby concert; two keynote speakers; a 3-hour opening party; an exhibit hall; and an autograph appearance by Lou Brock. Fifteen CE hours for respiratory care, nursing, and physicians are available. More information can be obtained by calling (800) 661-5690 or by visiting