Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, led the introduction of its new My Life™ Series of Masks with the debut of the OptiLife™, an easy-to-use mask designed for side sleepers.

“Consumers today are demanding products that fit their unique profiles and lifestyles, and we designed the My Life series specifically with that in mind,” said Stan Jankowski, US marketing manager, sleep disordered breathing. “In trials and focus groups involving home care providers, sleep lab professionals and patients, we listened to our customers to gain valuable feedback to develop and confidently bring this first mask of the new series to market. Customers and patients played an integral part in designing OptiLife.” The result is an easy-to-fit, easy-to-assemble mask that is designed to enhance patient compliance.

OptiLife features a new comfortable headgear design with no buckles, and, unlike most pillows- or prong-style products that solely use the nose to support the seal, OptiLife uses a chin support band to provide a soft foundation for the seal and eliminate unnecessary nasal irritation, pressure, or pulling. The flexible headgear and chin support band allow the mask to be put on and adjusted with little effort. In fact, patients can put the mask on with one hand, making it a practical option for patients with limited mobility.

The mask also features pillows cushions that come in four sizes (petite, small, medium, and large) to ensure an excellent seal for a wide range of patients. It offers effective therapy, while keeping the forehead and vision area open.