productCleaning Solution for Sleep Products
•Maril Products Inc, Tustin, Calif, announces the availability of a Home Care Kit for disinfection of masks, tubing, valves, and other CPAP and bilevel PAP devices. The Home Care Kit contains two ounces of CONTROL III® Disinfectant/Germicide, test strips, a measuring cup, a two-quart soak bucket with lid, and instructions. CONTROL III is effective against a wide range of pathogens and is available in 16, 8, and 2 ounce concentrate sizes, and in ready-to-use formulations, including CONTROL III Elite, which is effective against tuberculosis. All products have a pleasant odor and are environmentally sound. (800) 546-7711.

productLaboratory Amplifier System
•Compumedics, Melbourne, Australia, introduces the new E-Series laboratory amplifier system, which incorporates a direct Ethernet link to a computer network, allowing for a high degree of flexibility. In a multi-bed laboratory, any amplifier may be controlled from any computer on the network. Simultaneous viewing of multiple E-Series units is also featured. The E-Series offers up to 58 channels of data collection per bed with an integrated oximeter, two pressure transducers, and optional digital video. The E-Series can be used with either of Compumedics’ software packages, ProFusion EEG and ProFusion PSG. (877) 717-3975;

productAnalyzer Supplies
•Thermo ALKO, Beverly, Mass, introduces a line of products that can be used on the Radiometer ABL™ 5 analyzer. The product line includes: Calibration Solution I, Calibration Solution II, Rinse Solution, Alkaline Cleaning Solution, Hypochlorite Solution, Printer Paper, and ALKOntrol™ Blood Gas/Electrolyte Quality Controls. (Thermo ALKO expressly disclaims any affiliation with or sponsorship by Radiometer.) (800) 828-2556;

productFace Mask
•ResMed, Poway, Calif, expands on the design of the Mirage® Full Face Mask with the Series 2. The mask features a soft, contoured cushion that conforms to the face for a secure seal. When inflated by air pressure, the patented dual-wall cushion gently floats on the face. Breath-O-Prene™, a trademark of AccuMED, draws moisture away from the skin while allowing air to circulate through the material for increased comfort. (800) 424-0737;

productDisposable Face Mask
•Respironics, Pittsburgh, introduces the Image3 Disposable Full Face Mask, a practical and comfortable mask for patients who are receiving noninvasive ventilation, CPAP therapy, or pressure support therapy. Image3’s silicone cushion creates an effective seal to minimize leaks while increasing patient comfort, especially on the bridge of the nose. A three-point head strap distributes mask tension evenly while adding stability for a more secure fit. Touch clips make fitting and removing the mask easy. (800) 345-6443;