On July 1, Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD, FRCP, began his term as the National Sleep Foundation’s highest elected volunteer post. As chairman, he’ll promote public sleep health and safety through initiatives such as a journal launch, updated sleep time recommendations, and continuing education to primary care physicians.

Sleep Review: As National Sleep Foundation (NSF) chairman, what’s at the top of your agenda?

Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD, FRCP: The NSF is the voice of sleep health and safety. The aim is to advocate and educate people about the relationship between sleep and health, and that’s really at the top of my own agenda. All of our activities and programs are intended to advance that mission of sleep health.

One activity I’m really excited about is the launch of our journal, Sleep Health. Sleep Health will create a unified place for a wide range of research regarding the health benefits of sleep.

SR: What are agenda items #2 and #3?

Czeisler: Our other major initiatives include ramping up our educational program and updating our sleep time recommendations.