The Hudson RCI Comfort Flo Plus HFNCT Cannula from Teleflex is redefining high-flow nasal cannula therapy. The Comfort Flo Plus Cannula provides the following advanced, practical features: large bore nares delivers 1-60 LPM; optional chin strap encourages closed-mouth treatments, which may increase PEP1; adjustable bifurcated head strap for a comfortable, secure fit, even during patient movement; soft nasal prongs in three sizes. (See image above.) 866-246-6990; 

Oxygen_DriveDeVilbiss_5LO2-275The Drive DeVilbiss 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator features an attractive minimalist design that fits easily into the patient home. With exclusive OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device), it has increased accuracy and reliability for longer service intervals. In addition, exclusive Turn-Down Technology automatically reduces flow cycle and lowers power consumption at a setting of 2.5 LPM or below, reducing system pressure, minimizing wear and extending the life of the product. 877-224-0946;

Oxygen Southmedic_OxyMask_150Southmedic is dedicated to advancing oxygen therapy for better patient care. Southmedic’s OxyMask is a revolutionary open mask capable of delivering a broad range of oxygen concentrations from 24 to 90%, at flows ranging from 1 to 15 liters per minute to flush. OxyMask is your complete solution for patient safety, patient comfort, and oxygen therapy compliance. 800-463-7146; 

Oxygen_Maxtec_maxO2ME-275Maxtec is pleased to introduce The MaxO2 ME oxygen monitor. Designed based upon years of feedback from customers, the MaxO2 ME adds a back lit LCD, smart alarms, DC power port, protective over-mold, built in kickstand, built in dove tail, extended battery life, and is also backed by the Maxtec 24-month warranty. 800-748-5355; 

Oxygen_3Bmedical_Cirrus5-2753B Medical introduces oxygen therapy to its full line of sleep therapy products. The Cirrus 5 is one of the smallest and quietest 5 LPM stationary concentrators on the market. It is carefully designed to provide years of safe, reliable operation. The Cirrus 5 is easy to use, virtually maintenance free, and comes standard with a low O2 alarm. 863-226-6285;

Oxygen_Caire_AirSepFreeStyleFreeStyle5-275Caire Inc has made major improvements to their AirSep FreeStyle and FreeStyle 5 portable oxygen concentrators. Functionally, the power supply connections have been redesigned and will now feature a robust metal connector with no pins to align and no release button to press. A new, front-loading, user-replaceable battery and improved battery life gives the user the ability to stay active longer and offers the ultimate in convenience to both the patient and provider. 877-704-0878;

Oxygen_InstrumentationInd_BE3000Series-275BE 3000 Series Instant Flow Valves from Instrumentation Industries Inc stop oxygen waste and saves money. For use with adult, pediatric or neonatal resuscitation bags weighing 3 oz or more. When supplied with oxygen, the flow begins when the resuscitation bag is removed from the lever arm. Oxygen flow stops when the bag is replaced. Available in various mounting configurations. Made of anodized aluminum. 800-633-8577; 

Oxygen_InvaCare_HomeFill-275The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System allows patients to safely fill their own oxygen cylinders so they never have to rely on an oxygen delivery again with this refillable, mobile supply of oxygen. Using the lightweight patient convenience pack, patients will have the freedom to go where they want, when they want. 800-333-6900; 

Oxygen_ResponsiveResp-PediReg-275Responsive Respiratory Inc (RRI) introduces a new all-in-one pediatric regulator with permanently engraved flow conversion table (decimal/fraction) for quick reference. The pediatric regulator is available in both CGA 870 and CGA 540 connections and a barb or DISS outlet. The regulator with conversion table benefits providers by streamlining inventory, eliminating the need to carry duplicate product to cover decimal and fraction flow settings. 866-333-4030;  

Oxygen_DriveDevilbiss_Smartdose3-275The Drive DeVilbiss SmartDose Mini Oxygen Conserver continuously monitors patient breathing patterns and adjusts oxygen dose at every breath to match activity level. This innovative technology optimizes patient saturation and maximizes conservation so that each tank will last longer, saving money and time spent replacing them. The easy-to-read panel makes using the SmartDose Mini simple and aggravation-free.