AirwayMgmt AirwaysDevelop_Trib_140Airways Development LLC

Used to care for tracheostomy patients, Airways Development LLC‘s Trib is a tracheal tube bib to help prevent sputum from leaking down onto the trach collar and wound dressing. The Trib fits snugly over the 15mm trach tube fitting and creates a liquid tight barrier between secretions and the trachea stoma. The bib contains the secretions in a water-resistant pouch and keeps the patient’s clothes and bed covers dry, maintaining tracheostomy hygiene.

AirwayMgmt DaleMed_Stabilock_225Dale Medical Inc

To prevent accidental extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization, Dale Medical Products Inc offers the Stabilock endotracheal tube holder. The Stabilock provides fast and easy application to secure endotracheal tubes sized 7.0-10.0mm. The device allows easy access to the patient’s mouth, enabling the clinician to perform oral care that can help reduce the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia.

AirwayMgmt DaleMed_TrachTube_225Dale Medical Inc

Dale Medical Products Inc offers Tracheostomy Tube Holders, designed to provide secure positioning by minimizing movement of the tracheostomy tube. Secure fastener tabs fit any size trach plate and help eliminate difficulties associated with use of twill ties and other holders while minimizing secondary complications. The moisture-wicking lining on the two-piece, adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. The tube holders come in four available sizes: 240 Blue, 241 and 242 PediPrints, and soon the 244 Blue for bariatric patients. 

AirwayMgmt Hollister_Anchorfast_225
Hollister Inc
offers the AnchorFast oral endotracheal tube fastener combining a number of unique features that make it the right choice. As part of a multifaceted approach, it helps to prevent the formation of lip ulcers and eases access to the oral cavity to optimize patient oral care. 800-323-4060;

AirwayMgmt NJRmed_NoBiteV_225
Designed for multiple uses on a single patient, NJR Medical Inc’s No-Bite V is a suction catheter introducer with a flashlight tip for use in oral pharyngeal and oral tracheal suctioning. The No-Bite V can be used for both children and adult patients and is available for use in ICUs, Intermediate Care, Rapid Response, Hospice, Palliative Care, and Home Care. The device is compatible with any suction catheter 18Fr and under. 877-318-5162;