Philips Respironics introduced the BiPAP autoSV Advanced. BiPAP autoSV Advanced is the company’s next generation servo ventilation (SV) device, updated to make patient management nearly automatic and optimize therapy for complicated patients. It has the ability to manage the airway and assure proper ventilation by continually monitoring and adjusting to patients’ changing therapy needs.

The BiPAP autoSV Advanced features an auto adjusting EPAP, utilizing REMstar Auto titration algorithm. With this addition, BiPAP autoSV Advanced automatically distinguishes obstructed-airway from clear-airway apneas and adapts pressure to patients’ needs as their conditions change due to weight, alcohol use, or lifestyle. In addition, BiPAP autoSV Advanced adds Bi-Flex technology, which enhances patient comfort by providing pressure relief during exhalation and at critical transition points.

The SV algorithm monitors peak flow and can rapidly normalize breathing patterns of patients with complex sleep apnea conditions with breath-to-breath adjustments of pressure support. In the presence of central apneas, when care must be taken not to over- or under-ventilate a patient, the delivery of automatically calculated back-up breaths encourages spontaneous breathing at the patient’s own natural rate. BiPAP autoSV Advanced also offers integrated heated humidification and built-in digital data storage. The Encore patient management system automatically collects vital patient information and enables the entire care team to continuously monitor and track treatment progress and transfer new or updated prescriptions.