Philips Respironics’ Pico nasal mask is now available in the United States for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to a company announcement. Designed to maximize comfort and effectiveness, Pico is the smallest and lightest traditional continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) mask available on the market to treat OSA, according to Philips.

The Philips Pico CPAP mask makes minimal contact with the face while still providing a tight seal. Pico improves comfort and enables better compliance, fitting more than 98% of patients. Clinicians report Pico is easier to use, set up and establish a seal than other leading nasal masks, reducing the amount of time it takes to introduce and acclimate a patient to sleeping with the device.

philips-pico-nasal-cpap-mask-1“As we strive to innovate new products that fit the needs of our customer base, we’re committed to producing masks that are not just effective, but also comfortable,” said Mark D’Angelo, Sleep Business Leader of Philips. “Pico is a smart product addition for DME providers looking to offer a CPAP mask to new and existing sleep apnea patients who want minimal disruptions to their lifestyle.”

Pico is the latest addition to Philips’ portfolio of advanced mask designs, resupply solutions and innovative technologies designed to help DME providers meet the needs of their customers as efficiently as possible. As part of The ANSWER, Philips is working alongside care teams, partnering to develop OSA solutions that create healthier patients and healthier business practices in a changing healthcare environment.