O2 Concepts has launched its newest portable oxygen concentrator, the Oxlife Liberty. Oxlife Liberty delivers both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen — providing as much as twice the pulse dose oxygen as comparable devices on the market, the company says.

“By combining and improving on the best of our two technologies—the lightweight, compact design of the Oxlife Freedom! with the durability and reliable continuous flow of our leading Oxlife Independence—we’ve created a truly revolutionary device that delivers the best clinical oxygen therapy to a broad range of patients,” commented Elby Beal, Managing Partner and CEO of O2 Concepts.

The first continuous flow wearable POC available, the Oxlife Liberty offers more than just reliable, effective oxygen therapy. It also features the company’s market leading proprietary DNA Technology (Dynamic Network Analysis)—an intelligent, device-initiated cellular technology — that connects DMEs with device data for new levels of operating efficiency, asset management and inventory control and provides clinicians with critical telemedicine data for improved patient outcomes.

Oxlife Liberty is now available for order by DMEs. More information is available on the O2 Concepts website.