Humidifier/Dryer Series
Perma Pure, Toms River, NJ, introduces the ME-Series moisture exchangers for breath sample dryers, filters, and sample lines. The ME-Series uses proprietary Nafion technology to dry or humidify medical gas and breath sample streams without altering gas composition and with no utility requirements. In either drying or humidifying applications, the ME-Series products seek equilibrium with room humidity, transferring water vapor into or out of the tubing. The antibacterial Nafion membrane tubing does not require power input for operation, and there are no moving parts to fail. (732) 244-0010;

Olympus America, Center Valley, PA, offers the 180 series of bronchoscopes, which feature Olympus’ proprietary Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), exceptional optics, slimmer designs, and easier handling. NBI is an imaging technology that enhances the visibility of vessels and other anatomical structures on mucosal surfaces. It works by altering white light to specific wavelength bands, which take advantage of the scattering and absorption properties of human tissues. The BF-Q180 delivers improved image quality and greatly enlarged image size in comparison to conventional bronchoscopes, yet the scope’s distal end measures just 5.5 mm and its insertion tube a thin 5.1 mm. The BF-P180 delivers a slim design and excellent image quality for routine examinations and treatment. The BF-1T180 features a 6.0 mm insertion tube and a wide 3.0 mm diameter working channel, which can accommodate a wide variety of endotherapy accessories. (800) 848-9024;

Pro-Tech® Services Inc, Mukilteo, Wash, announces the release of SleepEx SV, sleep center management software. SleepEx SV is enhanced with additional key features to meet the needs of discerning sleep laboratory managers and physicians. SleepEx SV improves the efficiency of businesses by providing remote access at any time. Key features of this software include online access to patient and staff scheduling for one or more locations; centralizing patient and staff databases; and secure data transfer of studies to be scored, interpreted, and safely archived. SleepEx SV also offers physician over-read management capabilities, core management reports, secure study storage and archiving, and an optional DME module with digital signature. For a software demonstration, call (800) 919-3900;

Mada Inc, Carlstadt, NJ, offers the MadaVac III, the newest member of the company’s aspirator product line. The MadaVac III offers a high-performance, easy-change hydrophobic filter, a protected gauge, and front panel controls for easy adjustment. The MadaVac is small and easy to clean and transport with maximum vacuum of 584 mm Hg at sea level. The MadVac III has a capacity of 800 cc and offers a service-free life of 1,500 to 2,000 hours. (800) 526-6370;

Lung Simulators
Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, has been a designer and manufacturer of respiratory products since 1938. The company’s products include three unique types of lung simulators, with one specifically applying to the pulmonary function testing laboratories that the various pharmaceutical manufacturers contract for drug studies and the quality control and testing of the respiratory devices that measure the diffusion lung capacity of patients. This device is the 5560 Series DLco Simulator with EasyLab QC Software. Hans Rudolph also manufactures a Series 1120 flow/volume simulator for testing and calibrating peak flow meters, spirometers, and other devices for research that requires the ATS and custom waveforms which the simulator generates. For testing, training, and calibration of ventilators and other respiratory therapy devices, the company manufactures a spontaneously breathing lung model named the Series 1101 Breathing Simulator. (800) 456-6695;

Tracheostomy Tube Holder
Dale Medical Products Inc, Plainsville, Mass, offers the Dale® 240® Blue. No other securement method stabilizes tracheostomy tubes better than the Dale Blue. It provides safe and secure positioning to minimize movement. Exclusive moisture-repellent neckband lining reduces the risk of skin breakdown. A portion of stretch material offers a comfortable and snug fit while allowing for cough reflex. Secure and easy-to-use fastener tabs engage the trach tube quickly and easily. Optional extension piece is available for bariatric patients. (800) 343-3980;