3B Medical Inc has released the Luna family of positive airway pressure (PAP) devices. Luna is designed to offer patients the latest enhancements in sleep therapy while easing the burden on homecare providers in obtaining data, according to a company news announcement.

3B will begin accepting pre-orders of the Luna on July 5th, 2015, with commercial availability after July 28th.

Luna sleep products bring both Wi-Fi wireless communication and QR Coding to sleep therapy, offering more, free remote compliance reporting options than any other PAP device on the market, according to 3B Medical.

“Wi-Fi technology offers the ability to capture more data with greater efficiency, said Joe Toth, vice president of Sales and Marketing. “Wi-Fi is typically faster, more reliable and, most importantly, absolutely free. With the continued developments in Wi-Fi technology and the ever growing need for more detailed and comprehensive data, we feel Wi-Fi is not only the better choice today, but tomorrow as well.”

Luna also incorporates QR Coding and integrates into 3B Medical’s cloud based patient management system, iCodeConnect, which features Patient TouchPoint, a completely configurable, early intervention patient compliance coaching system. TouchPoint allows for clinicians to define individual protocols to allow them to more quickly and easily recognize potential issues with a patient’s compliance.

More information is available on 3B Medical’s website.