Dale Medical Products Inc has introduced its new BreezeLock Endotracheal Tube Holder.

Like the Dale Stabilock Endotracheal Tube Holder, the new endotracheal tube holder features a soft, comfortable, flexible neckband with no hard plastic parts. The BreezeLock includes a Tube Track for easy repositioning of the endotracheal tube while still allowing easy access to the mouth for oral care.

“Clinicians tell us they appreciate the improved ease of repositioning with the Tube Track and the security of Dale BreezeLock,” says Robert Simpson, President of Dale. “We are pleased to expand the offering with our new endotracheal tube holder to help clinicians provide optimal care for their patients.”

More information about Dale’s new BreezeLock Endotracheal Tube Holder, including product samples, is available at Dale Medical’s website.

For more than 60 years, Dale has produced specialty medical devices that help make health care better, to save nursing time, improve patient safety and comfort, help reduce infection rates, and provide greater economic value.

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breezelock endotracheal tube holder