Plug-free CPAP
Hoffman Laboratories LLC, Chatsworth, Calif, has introduced a wearable CPAP device for the treatment of sleep apnea. The lightweight BreatheX CPAP device (patent pending) powers 1 to 2 nights of therapy with a built-in, rechargeable battery. This eliminates the need for BreatheX CPAP users to be “plugged in” to a bedside flow generator with a 6-foot hose and gives them greater freedom of movement wherever they sleep. In addition, because the BreatheX, which can be used with most interfaces on the market, looks more like a pillow than a medical device, users will not experience the same mental barriers to acceptance and compliance that they often do with traditional CPAP devices, the company says. (866) 885-4131;

Air Purifier
Halo Innovations, Minneapolis, has created an original technique for providing nighttime allergy sufferers with allergen-free air, by unveiling the PureNight Sleep Air Purifier. This product is a purifying system that flows air directly around individuals while they sleep, creating an envelope of 99% pure, allergen-free air within one’s immediate sleep environment. (800) 248-9500;

Monitoring Device
VivoMetrics, Ventura, Calif, introduces the LifeShirt, a T-shirt that monitors health. The lightweight garment continuously measures respiration, ECG, body position, and activity as patients go about their normal activities of daily living. Optional peripherals can be added to measure end tidal CO2, cough, Spo2, blood pressure, EEG/EOG/EMG, and periodic leg movement. The LifeShirt is used by pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials for new drug development, by academic researchers to discover new clinical signatures of disease, and by US government agencies to protect the lives of military and civilian first responders. (805) 667-2225;

Sleep Diagnostic System
Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, brings key technology advancements to its Sandman EXpress sleep diagnostic system with the launch of version 2.0 software. With this update, the Sandman EXpress system now interfaces with the new Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 425ST Bi-Level device with backup rate, to improve patient titration efficiency during sleep studies. In addition, a video/audio system is now included in the portable version of the Sandman EXpress sleep diagnostic system. When the system is used with the GoodKnight 425ST Bi-Level, users can control the device directly from the Sandman software rather than having to make adjustments through an external remote control unit. (800) 635-5267;

Nasal CPAP Mask
Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, Mo, offers the dishwasher-safe ALIZES Nasal CPAP Mask, a silicone rubber nasal mask that is easy to clean, shape, and wear. The mask has no hard frame, and fits and seals comfortably on virtually any nose. With breathable foam headgear and an optional Comfort Seal foam attachment, the mask’s fit allows a good night’s sleep when connected to any CPAP or bilevel blower device. (800) 456-6695;

Pulmonetic Systems, Minneapolis, introduces the LTV 1200 Ventilator. The newest addition to the LTV Series ventilators, the LTV 1200 provides both invasive and non-invasive modes of ventilation for patients as small as 5 kg. Presets allow for quick patient setup, automatically configuring initial ventilation settings for the patient type selected. The LTV 1200 also offers a spontaneous breathing trial. Clinicians can customize trial settings to ensure optimal levels of support throughout the weaning process. When the LTV 1200 is used with the LTM Graphics Monitor, the system can display real-time pressure, flow and volume curves, as well as flow/volume and volume/pressure loops for enhanced patient assessment. (866) 752-1438;