AG Industries has launched the Nonny full face CPAP mask, its newest pediatric positive airway pressure mask.

The Nonny full face mask includes a 3D mask cushion for an excellent seal, forehead support for stability, and an air vent that minimizes noise and enables efficient CO2 washout, according to AG Industries.

The mask comes in a variety of sizes with two additional extension straps.

“With sleep apnea and other sleep disorders on the rise, physicians and caregivers have an increased need for CPAP solutions, especially for their pediatric patients,” said John Smits, President at AG Industries. “The Nonny full face mask, along with its popular counterpart, the Nonny nasal mask, offers advanced pediatric CPAP technology that provides children with a better night’s sleep, helping them breathe easier with improved compliance.”

More information is available on the AG Industries website.