Sotera Wireless, a San Diego-based industry leader in continuous patient monitoring technology, has announced a new partnership that will bring its ViSi Mobile products to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The ViSi Mobile system provides constant monitoring and reporting of integral health markers like blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, pulse rate, skin temperature, and more. In doing so, it facilitates better patient care by immediately signaling deterioration, while minimizing the workload of attending healthcare professionals.

The company has recently signed a deal with QRS|OneMed, also known as QRS Healthcare, the leading provider of medical aids, equipment, and consumables in the Netherlands. QRS|OneMed will be the exclusive distributor of Sotera Wireless’ ViSi Mobile System to these markets.

As European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, return to lockdown procedures and see vast swathes of the population confined due to a large number of positive cases, the pressing need for sophisticated patient monitoring technology becomes ever clearer.

ViSi Mobile also minimizes unnecessary contact between clinicians and patients, reducing the potential exposure of all parties to disease. Considering current conditions, with Omicron causing significant absences in the medical profession, the technology can also help to address staff shortages.

Devin McCombie, CEO of Sotera Wireless, said, “Because of our success with high-profile customers and the rise in Covid-19 cases worldwide, the need for continuous monitoring has increased dramatically. We have been inundated with requests from healthcare organizations worldwide. We are confident our partnership with QRS|OneMed will fill that need and provide our European customers with high-quality service.”