VirtuOx, has launched the VPOD Dream pulse oximeter for hospitals and other providers.

According to VirtuOx, VPOD Dream is the first-of-its-kind pulse oximeter that measures not only SpO2 and heart rate, but also respiratory rate, oxygen desaturation by body position, and sleep time. Together, these metrics provide a clearer and more accurate indication of the patient’s true health status than traditional pulse oximeters, the company said.

Most pulse oximeters on the market record every four seconds which means the device does not record the full picture of the patient’s health, VirtuOx said. Devices auto erase memory when the battery dies or you change it. This causes the need to repeat tests. Finally, the device does not allow the patient or healthcare provider to determine the amount of recorded data which consequently also causes the need to repeat tests.

VPOD Dream resolves these problems by recording data every second, can monitor patient compliance with monitoring, and is equipped not to lose memory, the company reported.

“Normal overnight oximeters only record SpO2 and heart rate. With the VPOD Dream you will be able to record SpO2, heart rate, body position, respiratory rate and sleep time,” said Kyle Miko, Founder and COO for VirtuOx and licensed respiratory therapist. “With this new technology, you will be able to determine a patients Oxygen Desaturations in various body positions.”