A pilot obstructive sleep apnea screening and monitoring program at Providence St. Peter Hospital reduces Code Blue events by almost two-thirds.

The hospital implemented a preoperative screening and postoperative capnographic monitoring program, which included: using the STOP-BANG questionnaire; monitoring end-tidal CO2 with capnography; using the Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI); measuring arterial oxygenation with pulse oximetry; and monitoring ventilation clinically.

Under this program, all preoperative patients deemed at high risk for OSA via the STOP-BANG were monitored postoperatively with capnography for a 72-hour period.

Collectively, the use of preoperative screening and postoperative monitoring resulted in a 60% reduction in Code Blue events over a 36-month period. In addition, none of the high-risk OSA patients who were monitored with capnography experienced a Code Blue event.

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