3B Medical will give away six Aer X portable oxygen concentrators to patients with a demonstrated need for a POC device, according to a company announcement. Beginning in February 2021, the 3B “Share the Aer Giveaway” will select a recipient based on patient or caregiver-submitted stories detailing how portable oxygen could improve the patient’s life.

This month’s deadline is Feb 26.

“If you know of a patient that is struggling financially, has a valid oxygen prescription, and would be ambulatory if they had a POC, tell us their story,” 3B Medical said in a statement.

“For patients without insurance or with coverage that will not cover a POC, getting a free Aer X may be life changing. Getting to the grocery store, church or spending time with a grandchild at the park, are all made easier for patients with oxygen with a portable concentrator. Entering could not be easier, simply tell us your story and how the Aer X might improve your life,” the company added.

Entries can be submitted here.