To help manufacturers meet the ventilator demand from COVID-19, Hans Rudolph Inc has developed a Ventilator Testing Kit that incorporates the company’s SmartLab Data Acquisition System and other Hans Rudolph respiratory testing components.

The testing kit includes all the necessary components to effectively test ventilators utilizing its SmartLab Flow, Pressure, Lung Compliance, and Resistance Modules and Insight Software. This kit also includes our Rudolph Pneumotach Flow Sensor, Heater Control, and Calibration Syringe.

The SmartLab Systems capabilities extend to a wide range of respiratory applications such as O2, CO2, airway temperature, ECG, and will allow for the testing of two ventilators simultaneously, utilizing flow and pressure measurements.

“At Hans Rudolph Inc, we are committed to helping our partners in the respiratory healthcare field fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kelly Rudolph, president, Hans Rudolph Inc. “Our SmartLab system was designed specifically for respiratory research, allowing manufacturers to obtain accurate and precise data. Combining our Rudolph Pneumotach Flow Sensor, SmartLab Flow Module, and Calibration Syringe, we accomplish a flow signal accuracy of +/- 2.0%.”

More information on the SmartLab Ventilator Testing Kit is available on the company’s website.