Next Wednesday, June 27, will mark World Spirometry Day (WSD). Organized by the Forum of International Respiratory Services, in collaboration with the European Lung Foundation, WSD 2012 aims to raise awareness of lung health and disease by promoting spirometry. Spirometry events will be held around the world by medical professionals and are made available to anyone who wants to test their lungs.

Since WSD 2012 will take place during the Olympic year, the campaign will focus on sports and the lungs and aims to make resources available for all those organizing testing events related to the Olympic theme. While WSD 2012 will launch on June 27, testing will not be limited to this day alone. Participants are encouraged to capitalize on the Olympics and hold events in the run-up to the games on July 27 and beyond.

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is an official supporter of the event and emphasizes the opportunity to use the event to promote and feature the work of respiratory therapists in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

“Since World Spirometry Day is just the start of a summer-long focus on lung health and Olympic achievement, we encourage our members to use this as a media opportunity for respiratory therapists,” said Karen Stewart, AARC President.

Source: World Spirometry Day; AARC