Siesta 802.11b wireless data recorder

Compumedics USA Ltd

Compumedics Sleep, El Paso, Tex, has updated Siesta, the world’s first portable physiological data recorder and radio transmission system. Relabeled as Siesta 802.11b, this wireless network communication device is more robust than ever. Siesta 802 can transmit up to 51 channels of artifact-free data over a wireless Ethernet link, allowing real-time recording to the laboratory’s computer network. PSG laboratories can set up a testing room in minutes. EEG laboratories have full control of photic stimulation. All users have full montage control including input electrodes, digital filters, digital sensitivity settings, trace layouts, and montage sequencing. EEG and PSG patients are free to move about during recording without the necessity of trailing cables. Record directly to the on-board, industry standard compact flash card. Set up any of the 32 high-frequency channels for any physiological data type. With the option of running on direct AC or battery power, Siesta becomes the perfect product for both laboratory and ambulatory testing. (877) 717-3975;