nSpire Health, Louisville, Colo, formerly Ferraris Respiratory, has released the CPET 680 CardioPulmonary Exercise System, a multi-platform CardioPulmonary exercise testing instrument.

According to the company, technology in exercise systems has been stagnant for a long time, but the CPET 680 now offers advancements such as customizable options with add-on capabilities, including pulmonary diagnostics, respiratory mechanics, rhinomanometry, and nutrition assessment. The CPET 680 also uses a variable-flow sensor that can accommodate continuous testing up to 550 watts of workload while remaining nonsensitive to moisture and temperature changes. The resistance to breathing during testing actually reduces as the response to work load increases.

“Working with engineering design teams in the United States and Germany, we developed exacting performance standards that place a world-class heart and lung diagnostic system into hospitals, clinics, and sports medicine centers everywhere,” said  Edmond Chu, PhD, vice president of engineering and chief scientist. “It was not enough just to have the best measurement technology. We also wanted to provide the tools that carry the measurements into practical reports that can be used to diagnose and teach patients about their level of functional capacity.”

For further information visit www.nspirehealth.com.