Vitalograph and Morgan Scientific have partnered to release a new range of pulmonary function testing (PFT) systems. The partnership integrates state-of-the-art PFT hardware from Vitalograph with comprehensive PFT software from Morgan Scientific, according to a joint company announcement.

The Vitalograph Morgan PFT Series includes the VitaloRov and the VitaloLab, which recently received FDA approval, according to the companies. These devices offer full PFT testing capabilities, such as spirometry, DLCO, MBN2, and more. (Note: VitaloRov pictured above.)

The Vitalograph Morgan VitaloLab.

The VitaloLab cart-based PFT system allows facilities to use their own PC, while the VitaloRov all-in-one desktop PFT system features an integrated on-board PC with touchscreen. Also in development is the VitaloQub, which complements the series by offering the latest in body plethysmography testing capabilities.

Each Vitalograph-designed device utilizes Morgan Scientific’s ComPas2 software, which allows seamless workflow integrations and provides task manager software for PFT interpretation and billing.

The companies say the devices provide clinicians with an accurate, reliable, easy to use point-of-care and laboratory testing system with results that meet stringent regulatory standards and also meet the new gas pathway directive.

“We are delighted to bring together our combined respiratory diagnostic expertise to create what we believe is the world’s most comprehensive PFT range,” said Vitalograph CEO Frank Keane. “Our vision is to have a real impact on the effective management of respiratory diseases and ultimately improve patients’ lives.”

The Vitalograph Morgan VitaloQub (pending FDA approval).

Gareth Morgan, president of Morgan Scientific, added: “Morgan Scientific working in partnership with Vitalograph is an ideal alliance. Our two family-owned companies have a combined legacy summing more than 100 years of providing the highest quality pulmonary diagnostic solutions to the world. What we have been able to accomplish with regard to new software and hardware innovations, amidst the challenges of a pandemic, is simply amazing and speaks to the strength of the relationship. I have never been more excited about what we have to offer and how it will help to reset the gold standard in the industry. Furthermore, we couldn’t be more aligned with our approach to customer care and truly listening to our users.”

More information is available on each company’s websites. (Vitalograph | Morgan Scientific)