ndd Medical Technologies Inc will showcase the latest versions of its EasyOne spirometer and portable, all-in-one DLCO devices at the annual American Thoracic Society Conference from May 19-24 in Washington DC.

ndd will demonstrate a variety of diagnostic solutions powered by the secure EasyOne Connect platform, including EasyOne Air, a PC-based and portable spirometer, and EasyOne Pro, a portable, diffusion capacity (DLCO) assessment, spirometer and full lung volume measurement.

These lung function tests employ ndd’s proprietary Ultrasonic TrueFlow Measurement eliminating errors associated with traditional methods of flow measurement (ie heat, humidity, etc).

“My clinical research on asthma and COPD happens at the point of care in some of the most remote, resource limited places in the world,” said William Checkley, MD, associate professor at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Because of this, I need highly portable, very durable diagnostic devices reporting consistent and accurate results even under the toughest conditions. I use ndd’s devices because I know no matter the condition, the device will report accurate results.”

The EasyOne Air spirometer will be available beginning June 1, 2017. More information is available at ndd Medical’s ATS booth #1521 from May 19-24.