Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) has acquired CA Casyso AG (Basel, Switzerland) and its Tem subsidiaries (Tem), a global leader in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing for patient blood management (PBM), according to a company press release. Tem manufacturers the Rotem testing systems.

The move allows IL to expand its product line in Hemostasis and Critical Care IVD, the company said.

In hospital trauma and surgical patients with clinically significant bleeding, Rotem whole blood analyzers provide a rapid differential diagnosis of coagulopathies, IL reports. This supports targeted transfusion and coagulation factor concentrate therapy and, as a result, is key to PBM programs.

IL believes proper PBM minimizes blood loss and thereby significantly reduces or avoids blood transfusion, which can lead to avoidable complications and increase in morbidity, mortality, and overall hospital costs.

“A passion for innovation, leading systems and extensive knowledge in PBM, make Tem a perfect complement to our focus, commitment, and leadership in Hemostasis and Critical Care IVD,” said Ramon Benet, CEO at IL. “IL and our global Werfen organizations are ideally positioned to maximize the potential of the Rotem product line, which intersects our existing business and presents synergies in our core competencies and customer call points. Most importantly, Rotem systems share the same ultimate benefit of all our products — to help customers reduce overall hospital costs, while improving patient care.”

More information is available on the Instrumentation Laboratory website.