image_BensonSpirometerThe new CCS?200 Spirometer report building software from Benson Medical Instruments, Minneapolis, offers an easier way to customize occupational health testing reports, the company says.

The software provides users with a library of pre-made sub?reports that can easily be placed into a single-page or multi-page report format. The system also features two broad sets of pulmonary function reports: Subject Reports for each test subject, and Company Reports for groups of employees. Within the Subject set of reports, three subset options are available: subject spirograms; subject medical history, and trends.

According to Benson Medical, the CCS-200 Spirometer report building software is capable of complex layout and processing details, such as connection to data, aesthetics, and page numbering. These attributes enable staff to more efficiently manage and analyze data presented in the report.

For companies required to perform hearing and pulmonary function testing, the CCS-200 spirometer integrates with Benson Medical ‘mini’ audiometers, saving time and cost by eliminating double data entry or transfer of duplicate data.

More information is available on the Benson Medical Instruments website.