Cohero Health has announced the completion of their connected metered dose inhaler eMDI.

Cohero Health, an NYC-based digital health company focused on developing connected health tools and technologies to improve respiratory care and Presspart Group, a specialist medical device and pharmaceutical component manufacturer, has announced the completion of their connected metered dose inhaler (eMDI).

eMDI is the result of a multi-year development effort between Cohero Health and Presspart. The relationship has resulted in production of functional devices, now readily available to the pharmaceutical industry. The eMDI is available for commercialization, and the companies are currently in development with a number of pharmaceutical companies.

The eMDI incorporates electronics into a medication inhaler to passively track and communicate medication utilization. The device incorporates a sensor to track the date and time when medication is actuated, which is then stored in onboard memory, as well as shared wirelessly via Bluetooth. It works seamlessly with Cohero Health’s platform of connected devices and mobile applications, which actively engage and empower respiratory patients by tracking medication adherence and measuring lung function.

“We’re excited to announce the addition of the eMDI to the Cohero Health portfolio,” said Cohero Health CEO, Melissa Manice, PhD MPH. “Our company’s mission is to transform respiratory care through smart mobile devices. Early in our product development, we recognized the importance of including tracking and communication capabilities into the MDI. Our eMDI is the natural evolution of our external medication sensors (HeroTrackers), and represents an exciting opportunity to better monitor adherence and quality of medication delivery, ultimately enabling improved medication use and prevention of avoidable exacerbations.”

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